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Updated: Feb 14, 2018

This world is a place of constant changes, Technology is getting upgraded giving life to unimaginable things and making them available at your fingertips. The power of choosing good and the evil is within the reach of all. How much of online is true and useful has its own fair share of opinions. The Future belongs to the few of them who are still willing to get their hands dirty.

Today I’m going to talk about why practical experiences are better than online. While one is an experience, other is a faster and cheaper way of gaining knowledge. I believe that practical hands-on training is more useful because the human brain tends to remember experiences rather than audio-visual training. When I say practical hands-on experience is better, I don’t mean online training is bad. There are huge number of online courses released by reputed universities like MIT, Harvard, etc. Who also promote hands-on experience and indulge in core research and development activities.

Practical experience through offline workshops are good way to start and learn basics. Whatever the job, the theme in college is teaching "how to do?” Instead of reading about it, you'll roll up your sleeves and actually do the thing you want to do. If you really are willing to gain valuable information in a particular area, practical experience is the way forward.

What makes the online training popular is you can discuss things with people who are in different parts of the globe, which practically is not feasible. But online training does not provide you with valuable interest, that extra challenge and an emotional connect.

As human beings, when things come for free, we tend to take them for granted. Only when we value something, we dive deeper and gain a whole lot more. Workshops are a bit on costlier side, you need to make time, change couple of buses maybe to reach the venue but hey success never comes being in comfortable zone. A single experience can light up a spark in you, remember Sir Isaac Newton started thinking after the apple falls on his head. You never know where your motivation comes from. There are so many great examples of people meeting you at workshops, and starting their businesses to becoming billionaires.

Let’s list out four things which makes a hands-on practical workshop better.

1. First things first, Commitment! Yes, you make time, you travel to reach the venue. Which means you’re committed to learn something and not just wasting time.

2. You can ask your doubts; you get a bit of help, when you’re stuck at doing something. This will make you appreciate the subject and increase your interest towards it.

3. Some workshops offer certificates and recommendations, which are very much useful for employment, Resume or just as an added qualification.

4. You get Hands-On Experience and get to work in Real-time environment! what else you need?

We can give you hundred reasons why you need to choose practical workshop, but we feel just four is enough. So what are you waiting for and scrolling through online?

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