AI taking over the world!? #CredenceRobotics

This thought would have crossed our mind sometime, right, with the boom of AI technology?

Like in 'Marvel cinematic universe','Avengers:Age of Ultron','I,Robot','Matrix' series and other sci-fi movies, what if AI starts to control the world? What would happen to the human race and other living species??!! All of these questions must be pondering in your mind. Let us explore the resulting scenarios of this case in our blog..

Today's generation are growing up with AI assistants in their homes to the point that we might consider its mere presence as co-parenting.

As voice and facial recognition continue to evolve, machine learning algorithms are getting smarter. More and more industries are being influenced by AI, and our society as we know it is transforming.

The first aftermath maybe unemployment, which is already happening in minor proportions.

Advent of AI technology has sure increased the use of automation and is replacing human labor in various sectors. This has been raising alarms among many job seekers.

Many small and medium size businesses may also be driven out of business if they won't be able to afford or licence the latest robotic and AI technology, and may need to focus on areas or services that cannot easily be replaced for continued viability in the face of such technology .

Sectors like transportation, e-commerce, financial services, even more traditional professions which are built on top of strong human relationships, such as legal professions will be significantly affected.

Let's elaborate on few details of them.

The transportation industry looks like it will be the first to be completely disrupted by artificial intelligence. Uber and Lyft are both working self-driving technology. Waymo (formerly the Google self-driving car project) recently reached 5 million miles driven on public roads. GPS navigation software company Waze (which was acquired by Google in 2013) quietly released a new app called CarPool that converts its 50-plus million users into drivers and allows users to commute to work together for a fee.

The automation of the ride-hailing economy is not only going to save society time, but it's also going to reduce the cost of transportation drastically.

Criminal justice can also have sound impact by rise AI. Advancements in facial recognition are making the fingerprint obsolete. Tech startups are using AI to automate legal work. Meanwhile, some courts are already using AI to sentence criminals and determine parole eligibility.

Artificial intelligence in e-commerce can be seen in chat-bots/AI assistants, smart logistics, recommendation engines and many such similar tools.

The ability to analyze big data and present an e-commerce retailer’s content in ways that will best resonate with shoppers and prospects is powerful. Advancements in AI technologies are allowing retailers to achieve new and exciting feats in personalized customer experiences that increase profits. Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are a subset of AI that retailers can also embrace to help improve the customer experience and grow sales.

Finally, artificial intelligence is going to escalate advertising to a whole new level. Advertisers are already able to predict what types of ads emotionally impact our purchasing behavior. Ads are going to continue to become smarter and more embedded in our daily lives thanks to AI.

Slowly, these AI algorithms can learn our behavior, and before we know it, they know us better than we know ourselves.

Even today, the impact AI is having on our society cannot be ignored. However, if you want to have a competitive edge and you are willing to prepare for these changes now, there is still plenty of time to be ahead of the curve!

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