Industrial IOT Solutions

Building Value out of the Information from your Industrial Assets.

- Mc Kinsey Report

If Indian Companies adopt Industry 4.0 across functions Such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement, They can Enhance their Operating Profits by 40% at less than 10% of the Planned Capital Expenditure.

Alphonso Industry X.0

Combining emerging, connected and smart technologies to digitally transform Your industry.

Why Do You need Alphonso Industry X.0 Systems ?

Enhance production capacity and its Quality:

The Analytical Platform uses machine learning algorithms that keep track of your asset's activity and helps you predict future events and production Quality.

Get ready for Fourth Industrial Era: Alphonso Wireless Sensor Nodes are built to support systems that already have sensors. This makes your equipment ready for Industrial IoT.

Reduces Maintenance Costs: The Alphonso Analytics Platform is a special tool with predictive Analytics which lets you know the health of your assets meanwhile reducing the downtime & other unwanted expenses.

Get Ahead of Peers:

Technologies grow with demands and you get more demand only when you're able to produce the right quantities at the right time, for which you need speed. Stick to the latest technology to get ahead of your competitors.

Increase Efficiency & Boost Collaboration: The Alphonso IX.0 Systems enable predictive and prescriptive analytics and allow people including operators, managers, and executives to more fully leverage real-time data and intelligence to make better decisions while managing their day-to-day responsibilities.

Build Sustainable & Scalable Enterprise: You need to use tools that help you streamline tasks, boost productivity and collaboration, and leverage data in real-time. The Alphonso IX.0 Systems from Credence Robotics can put you on the right track.

Smart Manufacturing

The power of Industry 4.0 is now becoming real – and Credence Robotics is uniquely prepared to help machine builders and manufacturers make the vision of the Smart Factory into a reality today.


Connected automation in manufacturing leads to a faster and more flexible production process, greater efficiency of material, and reduction of complexity and downtime.


Credence Robotics is driving the next industrial revolution as both Lead Research & Development Agency and a lead supplier of Industrial IoT solutions.


We can offer High Quality, Scalable and Yet Cost-Efficient automation and manufacturing solutions – from single-piece to high-volume production.

This calls for creating a flexible, smart network of generators for both conventional and renewable energy, energy storage solutions and decentralized generation.

As sector boundaries get blurred, entities across the entire value chain both in Renewable energy and conventional energy space – be it coal, oil, gas, and hydroelectricity will need to respond through innovations, collaborations, and new business models. They must be agile, mitigate risks and capture new opportunities.


The Alphonso IX.0 Systems are built in such a way as to Simplify system integration and data exchange between IT and OT systems to enable a 100% automated and digitized value chain.


We Offer Highly Scalable Solutions for Energy Management and Control application for any Industry that focuses on the efficient utilization of Energy.



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